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Quarterly Friday Forum - 6th Edition

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In continuation with tradition, the 6th Edition of the Quarterly Friday Forum was held on 8 August 2016 at C-CAMP. The speaker for the evening was Anula Jayasuriya, Managing Director, InvAscent - India, Life Sciences Funds, San Francisco.

Being a Venture Capitalist herself she started off the talk by taking the attendees through “ WHAT” and HOW “ VCs and PEs think before they invest into companies. According to her there is no such thing as a RIGHT BUSSINESS model. Passion for one’s work is of great essence. She also mentioned that subordinating one’s personal success into the company, ability to motivate the team and give confidence to the investors, flexibility- moving onto plan b &c and knowing your competitors are a few key assets that help in becoming a successful company.

She also added that Healthcare space in India is waiting for successful startup that will excite more entrepreneurs to take risk and India is a better option to get early stage grants when compared to the US. Lastly, she emphasized on the importance of networking amongst startups and entrepreneurs.

C-CAMP is proud that it provides a platform for networking by hosting events such as Quarterly Friday Forum. The talk was followed by High Tea where the attendees had an opportunity to ‘NETWORK’

August 8, 2016