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Office of Technology Transfer @ C-CAMP

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Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) at C-CAMP, established with the support of the National Biopharma Mission has a mandate to move innovations and discoveries from laboratories to marketplace for greater societal benefit. OTT bridges the research community to industry and start-ups through strategic evaluation, protection and licensing of innovations so as to enable excellent science and entrepreneurship to complement each other.

Findings from research laboratories often remain within the confines of publications and it is important to enable the findings to impact society in positive ways. By harnessing inventions that have commercial and societal value, securing their intellectual potential and disseminating them through chosen development partners who can make them commercially viable, the OTT aims to contribute to regional economic development, generate revenue-streams for inventors and their institutions and promote economic well-being of the masses.

Services we offer:

1) Patentability Assessment

2) Drafting and Filing Patent Applications

3) Prior art search 

4) Patent mapping

5) Freedom to operate analysis 

6) Out-licensing inventions

7) Technology Sourcing, In-Licensing

8) Technology Transfer 

9) Collaboration with academic labs for PoC/Validations or scale-up

10) Linkages with other OTTs for joint licensing of technologies

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Our team of professionals with their rich experience in Law, Intellectual Property, Licensing and Technology Transfer will facilitate the transfer your ideas, from research labs to market-place.