Centre of Excellence for Agri Innovation

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Centre of Excellence for Agri Innovation

The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP), India’s premier bio-incubator and innovation hub has recently received support from Dept of IT & BT, Govt. of Karnataka and the Ministry of Agriculture to set-up the K-TECH Centre of Excellence for Agri Innovation to foster innovation and enterprise formation in agriculture.

Need for Innovation in agriculture:

C-CAMP has over the last few years created and fostered an entrepreneur-friendly culture in and around academic environment through its various activities which range from facilitating early stage discoveries & ideas to proof-of concept stage and validation studies for commercialization. Till-date, C-CAMP has supported over 100 innovative Life Science start-ups and has had extensive experience in working with start-ups from different sectors of biotechnology and life sciences. However, C-CAMP has identified a critical gap in the agricultural domain which has not witnessed the same surge of innovations as in healthcare. The Centre of Excellence in Agri-Innovation at CCAMP will attempt to change this by promoting deep-science/technology driven entrepreneurship in the agri-sector, leading to innovation, economic development and job creation in the agricultural domain.

The mandate of the Centre is to:

  • Identify gaps in agriculture through an Immersion program in different regions in the country
  • Attract innovators to address these identified gaps & challenges and develop solutions for these issues through a Grand Challenges Program
  • Support and nurture the innovators through incubation, funding and mentorship to bring their solutions to the market.

Envisaged outcome of the centre:

Using this multi-step process, C-CAMP aims to identify and support at least 8-10 path-breaking innovations with national impact in the agriculture field and facilitate the validation and deployment of these innovations in the next 5 years.

For further information, write to agri@ccamp.res.in