Mouse Genome Engineering

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1] Generation of new genetically engineered mouse models (Tg, KI, KO, cKO).
Via Oocyte microinjection of BACs, Plasmids, CRISPRs/Cas, ZFNs, TALENs, attP/attB
Timeline: 3-12 months depending on project type.
2] Strain rederivation & embryo cryo-recovery via SPF embryo transfer.

  • Pathogen clearance of infected mouse strains.
  • Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) level import of stocks from other facilities or cryo-repositories.

Timeline: 2-3 months
3] Sperm Cryopreservation /oocyte & embryo vitrification.

  • Stock long term cryo-storage & back-up in our Laboratory Mouse CryoBank & repository

Timeline: 2-5 weeks
4] InVitro Fertilization + Specific Pathogen Free level Embryo Transfer.

  • Quality control of cryopreservation procedures.
  • stock revival from cryo-sperm
  • Rapid and synchronized amplification of desired stocks
  • Enhancement of strains with poor breeding efficiencies.

Timeline: 2-3 months
5] Providing WT mouse oocytes, embryos or sperm for In Vitro studies
6] Hands-on training on any MGEF in-house provided technologies and expertise.
7] Short Term Housing and Care of Mouse stocks in SPF facility.