Mass Spectrometry

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One of Biology’s most powerful tools to probe small and large molecules in a living system, Mass Spectrometry is every researcher’s necessity to identify unknown compounds in their biological material. Using the principle of ionization & ion separation techniques, Mass Spectrometry allows a scientist to study their molecule of interest, be it their structure, chemical properties or quantification. To facilitate such studies, C-CAMP provides an array of services in LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) with respect to metabolites, proteins (peptides), lipids, glycans and glycoproteins, and biologics and biosimilars. We house state-of-the-art instruments dedicated to each of these functions which are accessible to academic and industry researchers, scientists across India and the globe. In addition to providing analytical services, the mass spectrometry facility provides technology training on all platforms for upskilling of scientific personnel across India as well as development of new analytical methods in research.

We offer services in Metabolomics | Proteomics | Lipidomics | Biologics