Drug Discovery

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A. Drug Discovery Support

Antimicrobial Drug Development Studies

C-CAMP in collaboration with IHMA, a premier provider of antimicrobial drug development studies, offers a full suite of technical capabilities and domain expertise in all phases of antimicrobial drug development: drug discovery, clinical development, regulatory approval and commercialization. With facilities in the USA, Europe, China and India, IHMA is able to collaborate with and support companies around the world in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic device industry.

We partner with companies requiring:  

Pre-clinical studies including in vitro studies (antibacterial and antifungal)

  • MIC Profiling
  • Time Kill
  • Resistance Development
  • Drug Interactions
  • Post-antibiotic Effect

Global support of all phases of clinical trials

  • Therapeutics
  • Diagnostic Devices

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) surveillance

  • Bacterial
  • Fungal

Molecular Characterization of AMR

  • WGS diagnostics

Support with New Therapeutic Approaches

  • Bacteriophage

To request a service, contact services[at]ccamp.res.in | www.ihma.com | https://www.ccamp.res.in/drug-discovery-facility

B. Throughput and High Content Screening Facility

The HTS and HCS facility has evolved to assist academic and industrial researchers In developing and performing high-throughput and high content screens. The facility assist’s in the adaptation of both biochemical and cell based assays into the HTS/HCI  formats through miniaturization and automation.

The centre is equipped with state-of-the-art automated liquid handlers, multi-mode plate readers, automated imaging platforms, multiplexing system to quantify multiple analytes from single sample while housing a collection of RNAi libranes, small molecules and cell lines.

The facility supports biochemical and cellular assays through different readouts such as absorbance, fluorescence kinetics, fluorescence polarization, TR-FRET. Alpha Screen,  Alpha Lisa, bioluminescence and chemiluminescence.

The automated imaging platforms within the centre facilitates high content live and fixed cell imaging at better throughput owing to robotics and on-the-fly analysis. Some of the in-built analysis parameters include cell cycle analysis, cell spreading, cell motility, spot detection, etc.

In addition, the facility also hosts a BSL-2 Tissue Culture laboratory for mammalian and insect cell culture. In near future, the facility will add more instruments on automation and screening. Facility is developing new screening platforms such as small organism based screens,   ADME assays and 3D and Co culture systems.