C-CAMP Startup Advancement Program (C-SAP)

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C-CAMP Startup Advancement Program (C-SAP) is a 1 year equity based integrated, comprehensive program initiated by Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP) to provide necessary impetus to lifesciences startups early on in their entrepreneurial journey by identifying gaps and providing the required mentorship, knowledge and network in a structured format.


  • To meaningfully engage and work closely with startups to enhance their odds of success.
  • To enable startups achieve faster traction in their key milestones.

The cornerstones of C-SAP Program are:

a) Deep Dive Mentorship

b) Facilitation

c) Funding Assistance

d) Partnerships and Collaboration

e) Domain specific Workshops, Seminars and Technical Programs

f) Networking Events

We have a large network of Mentors from industry and academia, domain experts, investors, channel partners as well as Industry thought leaders who play a key role in guiding and assisting the budding entrepreneurs thereby paving the way for them to move ahead with confidence.

Under this program, selected startups need to share 4% equity in lieu of program support.