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Bio-Incubation Core Equipment

In Life Science research High End biological equipment play an important role, along the path of upstream, downstream and analysis processes. C-CAMP, through incubation services, helps researchers to accesses, obtain training and utilize the state-of-art instruments under one roof in form of 'Bio-Incubation Core Equipment' resource. The purpose of this resource is to provide access to academic and Industrial researchers on high end equipment to for their research work.



Microbial Fermentor
High-yield production of recombinant proteins in bacteria, yeast and fungi
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                High Throughput Liquid Handling Unit
High throughput liquid handling unit for molecular biology, expression and purification  screening
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AKTA purifier 10
Protein purification system- Fast protein liquid chromatography system (FPLC)
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                Quixstand Bench top system
Efficient concentration and/or diafiltration of  biological solutions - 500 ml to 10 litres
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HPLC (Agilent 1100 series)
Analytical system -High pressure liquid chromatography
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                Guava easy cyte 8HT
High throughput Analyzer: Absolute cell counts without the need for reference bead
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Real Time PCR Machine
RT PCR system
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Protean I12EF cell: 2D electrophoresis system. Used to resolve complex mixtures of thousands of proteins.
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Bioplex Magpix multiplex reader (LUMINEX)
Magnetic bead based immunoassays and protein, nucleic acid based applications
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