Confocal Imaging

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The Imaging facility at C-CAMP provides researchers in Academia, Startups and establishes comapnies with access to High-End Platform Technologies in the Imaging space. The facility houses state-of-the-art imaging equipment to allow researchers to observe nano-scale architecture and phenomena in living systems. A partial list of microscopes available to access is as below:

  • LSM 780 confocal microscopewith multiphoton LASER  - Carl ZEISS

  • FV3000 Confocal Microscopes-Olympus (Upright & Inverted)

  • SP5 Confocal Microscope -Leica

  • Macro Zoom Microscope MVX10-Olympus

  • Atomic Force Microscope-Brucker

  • SIM/STORM Microscope-Nikon

  • LASER Dissection Microscope, PALM-ZEISS

  • Dual Color STED microscope - Abberior Instruments