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Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP), is a Dept. of Biotechnology (Govt. of India) initiative and a not for profit organization based in Bangalore. We act as an enabler of Bioscience Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship by providing Research, Development, Training and Services in State Of The Art Technology Platforms. As a part C-CAMP's mandate of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, C-CAMP has created and fostered an entrepreneur-friendly culture in and around academic/research environment through its involvement in seed funding schemes for Startups, Entrepreneur Mentorship program and Bio-incubation facility.

1) Technical Assistant (Proteomics) 

2) Position: Program Manager – BREC (Full time)


1) JOB TITLE: Technical Assistant (Proteomics) 


The job responsibilities for the position include :

  1. To support facility in-charge for maintaining the lab updates such as: procurements, critical laboratory duties as assigned and safety.
  2. Prepare/process samples for protein analysis
  3. Use LC/MS/MS equipment and software tools to acquire data on extracted samples
  4. Perform standard QA/QC procedures
  5. Aid in biological interpretation of proteomic data
  6. Support in management of scheduler, log books for the machines.
  7. Support for student training and their experiments.
  8. Support in maintenance of all the supporting instruments.
  9. Complete understanding of the high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) including its operations, calibration and maintenance.
  10. Ensure routine maintenance on analytical instrumentation specially Mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography.



The candidate should have MSc in life sciences with minimum 2 years of experience in HRMS applications in proteomics and / or peptide mapping.

AGE : No bar

Application must include description of previous  experience (maximum 1 page) along with CV and be forwarded to by 25th January, 2018

This is a contractual position. Remuneration shall be based on qualification & experience.

Please refer to this advertisement in your subject liner. Candidates whose profile matches our requirement will be contacted directly; there shall be no communication otherwise.


2) Position: Program Manager – BREC (Full time)

Broad Responsibilities: Report writing and content development for BREC Programs.

Activities include:

  • Doing background research and generating Concept Notes for BREC Programs
  • Reports of BREC programs and events
  • Developing templates and SOPs for BREC Events
  • Generating email content for standard and follow-on emails
  • Website – developing Content and updating the website
  • Writing content for social, electronic and print media
  • Preparing Presentations

Remuneration: Based on merits of the candidate

Desirable qualification and experience: Master’s/Ph.D. in science or technology and experience of 2 years in report writing and content development

To apply, send your detailed CV to on or before February 15, 2018.