Research and Development

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In order to establish new cutting-edge technologies and make them available to the scientific community, C-CAMP is engaged in two major types of research and development work:

1) Development of novel technologies and tools

As stated in the vision, C-CAMP is dedicated to develop new technologies and provide them as tools for scientific community to enable scientific success. To start with, C-CAMP is constantly looking out for new cutting-edge technologies by studying the field and its trends to understand the current and future technology needs, assessing these needs keeping C-CAMP’s capabilities in mind, leading to

- Establishment of these technologies in-house
- Multi-disciplinary collaborations to build these new technologies

C-CAMP encourages and collaborates with individuals or groups of scientists from academia, industry and start-ups to enable technology creation. This provides a uniquely flexible environment with an aim to make it accessible for bioscience community. Currently, C-CAMP is working on many such collaborative projects with in-house as well as external scientific experts.

2) Development of novel modalities for the existing tools and technologies

To translate availability of high-end technology in the country into accessibility for all the scientists in the country, C-CAMP is in the process of designing new modalities. These include collaborating with organizations possessing high-end technology facilities, public-funded organizations in particular. C-CAMP aims to manage these facilities and create models to make these technologies available to other scientists as well.  This strategy, if successfully implemented with multiple organizations, will do wonders for many scientists, organizations, biotechs, and start-ups.