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Agriculture is the cornerstone of the Indian economy, and reforms in rural agriculture are the need of the hour. However, due to lack of awareness and low visibility of agri-health challenges in society, scientific innovations have not touched agri-health challenges. C-CAMP is thus very keen to address this gap and promote biotech and life science innovations in the Agricultural sector which poses immense opportunity in innovation.

C-CAMP, in collaboration with the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore (UAS-B), has launched the UAS-B – C-CAMP AGRI INNOVATION CENTRE, a platform that will seek to identify specific agri-health issues and bring innovators together to develop solutions for agri-related challenges. The Centre aims to promote entrepreneurship in the agri-sector, leading to innovation, economic development and job creation.

The main objectives of the Centre would be to:

  • Incubate agri-based startups to translate innovative ideas into commercially viable products.
  • Provide physical and technical expertise to these startups to facilitate innovation and commercialization.
  • Nurture the entrepreneurs and start-ups through bio-incubation, early stage funding, mentorship, and other facilitation.
  • Develop a repository of Biological Material (Seeds, QTL donor lines, Trait donor lines, Microbial strains, plasmids constructs, genomic resources etc.) to facilitate innovation and accelerate product development.

The Centre will provide state-of-the-art infrastructure, as well as support in the form of scientific, technical, and business mentorship to promising agri-startups to help translate ideas into successful ventures.

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